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I love wearing rough pants up against it I love, in Mexico I love, to Livy I love, to Luis I love: Lat. I loved bra being treated like military uniform I made case out for specialised schools I made time up without delay I make assessment, providing cross I make careless mistake in feeble poem, after change of heart I make large statue to worship I make metal ornament in bed with current nearly off I make suggestion about PR to achieve better result I march on I may be replaced by it I may have one day by Ruth or Daniel's place I meant a change to liven things up I mend TV set that's broken for selling off I mess about, struggling to be self-disciplined I met rich crook shunning company I might drop into start of course I might get you a beer, Rod (a small, short one)I might signify this I misdo translation of particular expressions I movement? I pace banks of Liffey in fury I painted Joe with oil of roses I pant, desperate for a drink I park on the street behind Sheldon: Leonard heads for exit I pay con woman for arranging ship’s ladder I pitch up to the north, by way of S American country I plan to see off a naughty child I play-act, badly out of character I played tennis like one with trapped wind I point, when coming across one simpleton I preserve bottles in the name of pioneering scientific research I printed blurrily in bold I problem? I protest domain name used by Spain is not unique I provide extra bags for money I put shampoo liberally around head of poodle — muddy animal?

I'm right to block nasty blog over supporting one tangled situation I'm sad I'm so new I'm so relieved!

I'm soon dancing on E and awfully smelly I'm staging reconstruction to generate excessive growth I'm surprised American soldier upset his old adversary I'm surprised king is one preventing escape of 1DI'm surprised outlaw's captured marsupial I'm surprised to get approval for trap I'm surprised to see Green in old steel town I'm surprised troops nearly block river I'm taken aback about swamp I'm the champion Frenchman who directed retrospective parody I'm thinking hedges close to garden have yet to be cut I'm thinking you should stop blocking the view! I-90 runs along it I-90 runs through it I-95, e.g.: Abbr.

I lie lazily about learner luxury cars clipped I like it hot, with bubbles rising over it I like to pick a rabbit say and put in for boiling I listened to composer - one that may alter one's view I live underwater.

I may be seen in German city in 12I live with banishment after translating novella I love abandoning scene in play I love almost everything about that one's sauce I love batter, primarily when flipping pancakes I love getting to the end of the case of eggnog I love tackling journal's final stage of development I love the classic way?

I'm in Poland and I have company somewhere in London I'm involved with goal mankind set wild sovereignty I'm involved with trade event's promotion I'm leaving, stop breaking my heart?

I'm looking for confirm­ation in fool I'm not keen on Brussels sprout mashed with ice and coke - it's not acceptable I'm not one to think he will pass gas, Bill I'm not sure that boyfriend's holding inane documents I'm not sure try's given as a result I'm one in upcoming society concerned with eating disorder I'm overwhelmed by a friend's ill-will I'm ready to receive book I'm reflecting on educational finance for expats I'm relieved only a small number reported?

I die drinking extremely corrosive common coolant I dine out after 10I disagree with Blair over ballot box - yell harshly? I don't know what you can say after being given lift I don't like that stifling new rock singer I don't see marauding Gaels containing uprising very well I doubt he eats very quickly I doze, sitting up with cold fear I dreamt about this hotel manager I drink when disheartened, as more aloof I drop a stitch clumsily: it’s harsh, as a rule I dunno what my Hoskins flagellating device does I end in trouble with 22, getting rash I end up struggling to catch winger, beginning to exhibit lack of skill I engaged in poor-quality, regressive communication I engaged in turning over underwhelming content of inbox I entered into clear understanding I entirely agree Daisy is wrong accepting French alternative gin's partner I expect the cab will get lost I explain stuff in detail for former UKIP member?

I face shrieks becoming wild for musical group I fell after motorway accident I finish off beer in a single continuous action I follow sheep round middle of field in symbolic representation I fool Self to get a line and H for myself! I gave Reg fluid for pain I get an encore - or the bird I get knocked down by one in news deal when cycling I get so agitated no one should ignore me I get spoilt after massage, revealing part of body I get upset about some paper round's starting point I glance about like one watching over you?

I, for one I, for one, pressed into backing art galleries …I, for one: Abbr.

I, historically I, II, III, etc I, in Berlin I, in Innsbruck I, in old Rome I, O or U, but not A or EI, Russian leader, ostensibly tipsy?

I attach a strategy for developing extra ancient city I attempt emphatically to restrain the Parisian's adoration I attempt to secure line over construction of ice I back that woman to down one more stout I bang pans and warble as I go I belch drunkenly, getting stuck into liqueur, ignoring grand Frenchman I believe printing stuff in spirit I betray monarch I caught undermining British religious centre I blacken the name of small UK residents?